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Devon Orthodontics info

Devon Orthodontics

Includes rack cards, announcements, coupons, and signage for their state of the art facility.

Amy Shoumer DMD Rackcard

Amy Shoumer DMD

Info card for her dental office's front desk.

Zosyn Postcard

Pfizer / Wyeth

Pocketed postcard for their tradeshows which includes Important Safety Information.

Pharmacy Benefits Insights Postcard

Pfizer / Wyeth

This postcard informed those managing health care expenses of a new report that highlights measurements, strategies, approvals and industry wide changes. The goal was to have the design complement the copy.

Good Government Fund Brochure 2008 & 2007

Pfizer / Wyeth

Wyeth’s Political Action Committee Campaign featured the company’s contribution details from Federal and State political figures during the 2008 election cycle. The design was to be incorporated as a brochure and single page pdf. The design provided an American themed introduction, charts and contributions to Wyeth.

Wyeth Nutrition Postcards

Pfizer / Wyeth

The Wyeth Nutrition team wanted a series of postcards and a single-folded pamphlet for their upcoming Annual Meeting. Besides bring useful information, the idea was to bring joy to those that held onto the material.

Generic Protonix Ad

Pfizer / Wyeth

When the Protonix prescription went generic, the Protonix team wanted an ad to state it would be available for all. The created ad was displayed in Pharmacy Times.

Pfizer Collegeville Brochure


After Wyeth merged into Pfizer, the Collegeville location needed a new brochure for the “new” company. This brochure kept to the Pfizer style guide and kept new visitors informed what the Collegeville location contained.

Bracket 64 Dry Erase Boards

Sticker Pants

With March being an intense moment for college basketball, these dry erase brackets were 4 foot x 3 foot, allowing people to write in the winning team from the 1st round to the championship and keep track of the March tournament. There were a variety of color schemes associated with various teams.

Pfizer Visitor's Guide Trifold


After Wyeth merged into Pfizer, the Collegeville location needed a new trifold informing visitors of the campus layout and directions to reach the main entrance. The trifold kept to the Pfizer style guide.

Sox Sticker Decals

Sticker Pants

Hundreds of stickers were designed for the Sox Stickers website. The goal was to appeal to the Boston sports fan using original creations and design parodies. With the designs being unique to other competitors and with the fans of Sox Stickers increasing, selected stickers were wholesaled to the Newbury Comics chain. Of the numerous design available, the stickers shown here are personal favorites.

Mini League Standings

Sticker Pants

The mini standings was co-created, making an approximate 1 foot squared magnetic league standings for each team of baseball and football. The metal product can be updated every day of the season to keep up with the team’s divisional ranking. The magnetic league standings is based on each team’s home uniform. Each product consists of galvanized steel, magnets and cut vinyl.

Voodoo Wall Sticker

Sticker Pants

To help ease the tension of Boston fans, this product was created and introduced to be an interactive, yet fun way to show off one’s disgust for New York. With the wall sticker being removable and replaceable, one begrudged fan can mix and match over 30 sticker weapons to satisfy their hexing needs. The voodoo doll was approximately 10 inches tall and the stickers could be placed on most smooth surfaces. The voodoo doll was wholesaled to fellow spirited Boston themed stores.

Screen Cleaners

Masters Group Int.

Masters wanted a series of screen cleaner packages designed for three pieces of hardware: HDTVs, computer monitors, and GPS devices. They were brightly designed to stand out in stores and they showcase a clearer picture after each wipe.

Sox Stickers Shirts

Sticker Pants

With the expansion of Sox Stickers, shirts were introduced to fans of Boston. Some sticker designs were easily transferable to shirt designs, and some designs were brought in as shirts and later translated for sticker designs. Each shirt was silk screened, with the goal of each shirt being 2 colors or less. Occasionally the colors surpassed that mark if the design warranted it.

CD Cases and Packaging

Computer Expressions

A variety of hangtags were produced to help sell the design on the CD storage case. Each hangtag kept to the theme of the product’s design and the product’s description was displayed in 4 languages. Each hangtag was kept to the same die-cut.

Go Figure Stickers Decals

Sticker Pants

Go Figure Stickers were introduced keeping to the same template as Sox Stickers, the style was easy: All males have a smile on the left side of the face, female smiles are on the right side. Teens’ smiles are opposite. Most times, adult males’ left arms is bent up if they’re in short sleeves. The figures were to cover adults, teens, youths, toddlers, babies, pets, animals and occasionally grandparents. They were designed to various job roles, talents, hobbies, etc and were all colorful. This way the customer can choose what best matches their spouse/partner and family.

Whiteboard Wipes and Cleaning Kit Packaging

Masters Group Int.

This designed packaging was created for a blister pack, with a dry erase pad being physically attached to a spray solution. The front of the packaging showed that the sprayer could be used, and how to obtain a new wipe. The back provided the same instructions and company information.

Executive Case Packaging

Masters Group Int.

The packaging for the Executive Computer Case was a folded hangtag. The color scheme was to pop against the black case, with the inside showcasing what the bag can accomplish for the buyer.

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